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by Aidan Lilienfeld

good God almighty,

like back in the old days

you awaken, and through the wall of glass

you see a city in a forest. yes,

oh my god yes,

tomorrow has come.

it has just rained,

the world glows under the blanket

of clouds and soft sunlight,

the journey was long but

now the night is over.

I remember the fireplace.

No, do you understand?

I remember, jesus christ

I remember the morning.

Nothing moves but the leaves,

the room is still, amber,

blades of sunlight on a

deep burgundy sky,

the shadows are soft

like tired eyes in a cocoon of

darkness and natural light.

The journey was long but,

now the night is over.

For a moment, it’s all here,

the warmth, grasping deep

in my soul, the liquid fire,

heat shivers through my brain,

for a moment,

the world shimmers with promise,

under the light haze of morning.

we may not do this sort of recording again.

may even not get with the fellas again;

George, or Ron, Grand Tate, Standard Thirteen.

So we hope you enjoyed listening to this album

half as much as we enjoyed playing it for you.

cause we had a ball

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