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Update, April 2020

Due to the recent developments of the COVID-19 pandemic and the closure of on-site facilities at the LSE, it is with regret that the print publication of our Nostalgia issue has been postponed until further notice. However, we will be publishing content online regularly throughout the Summer Term.


Additionally, submissions for the Nostalgia issue are now reopened  until further notice. Send all work to


In the meantime, we hope you stay safe and well in these uncertain times. 

Submission Details

Clare publishes twice every academic year, and we accept submissions from all LSE members. 


We are currently in the process of editing our upcoming issue nostalgia. Looking at the past can be something that moves us, angers us, is reminiscent or bittersweet. If one thing's for sure, we all have a particular relationship with the past. 

Our past issues include Metropolis, Escape the Maze, Silence, Artificial and Maximalism. We welcome all interpretations of the theme and encourage creative approaches that bend, question or extend the theme in new and imaginative ways. 

Submissions for the nostalgia issue are open and have been extended until further notice.


Send your artwork, literature or photography to Make sure to include a 50 word description of yourself (in the third person!), describing who you are as a creative student or academic.



Any Questions?

Feel free to contact us with all your ideas, concerns and questions about our upcoming issues. 

Submission FAQs

How do I submit my work?

It's easy! Simply send the best-quality copies of your finished work to with a 50 word description of yourself. 

What sort of work can I submit? 

Anything - and we mean it! We'll consider everything submitted that fits the theme and is appropriate for print or online publication. Potential mediums include, but are not limited to: collages, paintings and drawings, prints and illustration, photography, poetry, short stories, plays, essays, reviews, interviews, transcriptions of speeches and talks. 

Does my work have to be perfect?

Not at all! If you have any starting ideas or are struggling to decide on a direction for your piece, feel free to email us for help! We're always happy to chat through the work and talk ideas. 

Does it matter that I don't have much experience?

Nope - Clare is a collective of people interested in building a creative community here at LSE. We believe in making an inclusive platform where everyone has a voice, and therefore we encourage all people to get involved, whatever your experience!

When will I be able to see my work?

We publish twice a year - normally around 2 months after submissions close. We run a launch party for each issue with refreshments and speakers where you can grab a copy for yourself, but don't worry if you can't make it as there'll be copies scattered around the LSE Campus too. If you're no longer at LSE, we can try and make arrangements to get a copy to you. 

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